How To Get A Good Direct Sale


Once your Direct sale page is ready, it's time to reach out to your supporters! Here are some tricks of the Direct selling trade:

The FIRST THREE and LAST THREE DAYS of your Direct sell are super important. These periods are when your Distributor gathers the most momentum. So get started!

  • Stage 1: Divide your social circle into an inner circle (friends, family, colleagues) and an outer circle (old friends, distant relatives, ex - colleagues etc.).
  • Stage 2: Reach out to your inner social circle first - friends, family and colleagues. They are most likely to give because, well, they love you. And because they can feel your passion for the Product You Recommend.
  • Stage 3:Reach out to your outer circle next - old friends, distant relatives, ex - colleagues etc. When they see you've already got supporters giving to your Sales, it will make them want to join in as well.


Social media is great, but nothing beats direct contact (chatting face-to-face, direct emails, a personal Facebook or Whatsapp message). So when you begin touching base with your circles, direct, personalized communication is key!

Social media is still your loyal pal, of course! Use your Facebook status, Twitter and other social media to talk about your Arthindia and its product @your Aim. Let the world know the cool stuff you're up to!

Oh, remember to always include your Distributor page link in any communication!


It pays to say 'thank you'!

When you show gratitude, it makes your supporter feel all fuzzy-happy. This often leads to them giving to your Distributor again and/or getting more involved in spreading the word. Isn't that nice?

Team Arth India will help you here by sending you an email notifying you each time a supporter gives to your Distributor.

Here's another trick: If you thank supporters within 48 hours of their contribution, they are more likely to give again! We kid you not!

  • 1. Calling your supporter is the best method
  • 2. A personal email is next best.
  • 3. Social mediais good too, since it acknowledges their support on a public forum. Remember to tag your supporter!

Share your Distributor progress with your supporters. Why? Because:

  • It is gratifying for them to know. Remember the fuzzy feeling?
  • It engages them. It's nice to be made to feel involved.
  • As a result, they begin to get more involved, i.e. they may give to your Distributor again and/or help you spread the word.

So email your supporters the Distrbutor updates. A good idea is to also  post updates on social media, so those friends and acquaintances who haven't been mesmerized by your awesomeness finally are!


Updating your supporters every day is not a good idea, but you can stagger your communication according to the length of your Distributor. A weekly update is okay.


Content is king! Here are some Arth India Keys to effective communication!

  • Make it personal, humorous, and heartfelt
  • Talk about why you are Direct Selling concept, what the cause means to you and how long you've been supporting this.
  • Talk about how the Earning will create an impact. Use an individual story to illustrate this. It's easier to connect to an individual story than an infinite number's.
    Eg. Little Riya is an orphan who is bright and has so much potential. You can be the bridge to her dream of being an astronaut! Her future is in yourhands!
  • Mention how you too have contributed to the Distributor.
  • Include the Distributor page link
  • Ask them to share the Distributor link on social media.
  • Talk about how the ARTHINDIA has been doing amazing work for our country's underprivileged
  • Talk about how far your Distributors has reached and the distance you still need to go
  • Add the Distributors link and ask your network to join the movement in support
  • Ask them to share the Distributors link on social media
  • Talk about the great response and messages you have received and how the experience has been
  • Share press coverage of the ARTHINDIA, if any
  • Share the progress of the Distributors page
  • Share the Distributors link and ask your network to share it on social media
POST - Distributors EMAIL

Thank everyone for their support!
Social Media - Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Whatsapp, SMS

  • How you have started a Distributors page for the cause and are aiming to raise XYZ amount and need the support of everyone to create this impact.
  • Mention how you too have contributed towards the cause
  • Ask everyone to share/retweet the post/link
  • Share progress and timelines
  • Share info on how these contributions are going to help For Business
  • Ask everyone to share/retweet the post/link
  • Share progress and timelines
  • Share videos if any
  • Ask everyone to share/retweet the post/link
POST - Distributors POST

Thank everyone for their support!
That's all,